This horn has about 80% of its
original lacquer intact
Selmer (Paris) Mark VI #158782.  
Very desirable serial number, 1968 vintage Mark 6.  Freshly overhauled in our shop, this horn needs nothing.  
Has high F# key and comes in a brand new Pro-Tec case.                   
Serial #158782 dates the
horn to 1968, in the
middle of the Mark VI era.
Side keys are of the
ball-pivot design.
The back side of the bow
shows some lacquer
wear as the result of a
dent that happened at
some point in time.  This
has no effect whatsoever
on the horn's tone quality
or intonation.
This horn has a high F# key.  Very desirable, and not
found on all Mark VI's.
Mark VI alto #158782 comes in  brand-new Pro-Tec contoured
Pro-Pac case.