Gold Plated Conn "Chu Berry" #204905.    
Completely overhauled in our shop.  This tenor has an enormous, rich, textured sound.  A totally different experience than
playing a modern horn.  Think Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins.  But put a modern mouthpiece on it and it roars!  

Technically, this is a Conn "New
Wonder, Series II".  The serial
number dates its manufacture to
The satin gold plated finish is
about 80% intact, with some
wear on the keys and front of
the bell.
Ornate engraving on the bell.
"Fingernail file" G# key shows some wear.  Like
most really great saxophones, this one must have
been played a lot!
At some point, someone moved
the thumb hook up a few
centimeters.  We decided to
leave it where it was.  It can
easily be moved back if you
Someone did some sloppy
soldering at some point in time.  
We cleaned it up as best we
could without removing the gold
Bottom bow is dent-free.
This horn was professionally
cleaned and overhauled in our
shop.  All bent or binding keys
were straightened.  A new set of
stainless steel springs were
installed.  We used high quality
tan leather pads with brown
plastic Mark 6 type resonators.  
All new corks, felts and
bumpers were installed.  This
horn plays great and needs
nothing.  Comes with a one-year