Buffet Crampon R-13 "Prestige" Clarinet in A #447855
BUFFET CRAMPON R-13 PRESTIGE “A” CLARINET, #447855.  This Buffet R-13 Prestige A clarinet is in excellent
condition and shows only minor wear. The wood is completely crack-free.  Both the upper and lower joints have Valentino
synthetics pads  All pads seat perfectly and the instrument is in regulation.  The silver plated keys show very little
scratching and a only tiny bit of tarnish.  This is a very fine Buffet A clarinet in great playing condition.
Buffet's MSRP is $11,770.00.  Woodwind and Brasswind sells this horn new for$3,700.00, and used for $3,348.  Here's a
chance to pick up a wonderful orchestral A clarinet for much less than